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With the independent quality label Sustainable Florist, a florist shows that he has an eye for society and the environment in which the company operates and therefore operates sustainably. The florist does this by having more sustainable business practices and by purchasing a sustainable assortment of flowers and plants. Independence is achieved because the requirements for the hallmark are drawn up in cooperation with florists, growers, auctions, wholesalers, environmental organizations, umbrella organizations, civil society organizations (NGOs), and industry-specific research agencies.

Yes, the interest from other countries is increasing. Therefore, SMK introduced the English variant of the Barometer Duurzame Bloemist: Sustainable Florist and a German variant: Nachhaltiger Florist.

Yes, the guidelines around logo use and downloads can be found here.

The criteria are developed through set procedures (European standards ISO/IEC17065), with the assistance of the SMK Board of Experts on Plant Products and in cooperation and coordination with environmental organizations, umbrella organizations, social organizations (NGOs), sector-specific research agencies, florists, growers, auction and wholesale.

Through public hearings, further coordination is found with companies and civil society organizations, among others, for criteria development.

The independent certification body checks whether florists meet the criteria of the Sustainable Florist. If the decision is positive, they issue the certificate. Periodic inspections by this certification body take place under the supervision of the Dutch Council for Accreditation and on the basis of European standards ISO/IEC17065.

Yes, because the reliability of a quality label stands or falls with its assurance. This has been taken care of in the case of the Sustainable Florist.

The criteria of the Sustainable Florist are established through fixed procedures with the help of the SMK Board of Experts Plant Products. Through public hearings, the criteria development is further coordinated with businesses and civil society organizations, among others. Independent certification bodies check whether products, processes, or services comply with the criteria. This working method ensures a broad social and reliable support base.

1. Confidence in responsibly produced and traded flowers and plants and a sustainable florist
Buyers looking for flowers and plants that are produced and traded sustainably can use the Barometer to be confident of a responsible purchase. The inspection was carried out externally on the basis of clear criteria. In addition, the florist delivers performance in the field of sustainable business.

2. Official quality marks allowed in the new Public Procurement Act
Since the adoption of the new Public Procurement Act, it is permitted to require a quality label – such as the Sustainable Florist – in the technical specifications of the contract, in the award criteria, or as a contract condition for Socially Responsible Purchasing. More and more private companies and organizations are also making sustainable procurement part of their business strategy.

PIANOo, the procurement expertise center of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, provides clear information on the conditions for asking for quality labels in tenders.

See PIANOo with all information on this subject

3. Easily find a certified florist via the web database
Through the website of the Barometer Sustainable Florist it is very easy to check which florists have the certificate of this independent quality mark.

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A current fee list can be downloaded here. A florist certified for the Barometer Sustainable Florist pays:

1. One-time registration fee

  • € 250,- for an individual florist or
  • 100 if a florist signs up through a group (Fleurop, FloraNL, Sustainable Florists Group).

2. Annual fee

  • € 100 (from 0 to 5 fte) for maintenance and updating the certification scheme, communication, publicity, etc.

3. Annual costs for inspection by a certification body.

  • These costs depend on the amount of time an auditor needs to perform the inspection at the florist and any agreements with florist organizations.

SMK commits to independent and quality scheme management. SMK works according to a careful and transparent process. To promote confidence in the quality of scheme development and management, SMK also has itself audited. SMK is a member of the Association of Scheme Managers and complies with the Dutch Technical Agreement / NTA 8813. An external assessor checks SMK every two years.



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