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About the quality label

Certification scheme

Step-by-step plan

Florists who want to secure their more sustainable business practices and purchase with a certificate can do so through the independent quality label Sustainable Florist. To make certification easier, there is a step-by-step plan. The independent certification body (CB) SGS carries out the inspections on the basis of the certification scheme. This CB has entered into a license agreement with SMK.

General conditions

In addition to the requirements of the certification scheme, you must meet SMK’s general conditions to obtain a certificate.

Step 1 - Do I meet the mandatory requirements?

Check whether you meet the requirements of the certification scheme.

Complete the checklist, checking whether you have scored enough points from the bronze, silver or gold elective measures.

Step 2 - Registration with the certification body

Contact the certification body (CB) SGS. This CB has a license agreement with SMK. Request the quote and fill out the application form.

You can register as a solo florist or via a group/association. You may then receive a discount.

SGS Product & Process Certification

dhr. Richard Homan
+31 (0)181693277

Step 3 - Compile file

SGS will ask you to provide the administrative file. Please compile and submit these.

Step 4 - Inspection

First of all, SGS checks the file. Then, there is also a physical inspection where SGS checks in the store to see if you meet the requirements. Arrange a date with SGS. Choose a date when someone else is also present in the store or the store is closed so that the focus is on the inspection and not on the customers in the store.

The administrative and visual inspection at initial inspection usually takes place on-site, follow-up inspections involve visual and administrative inspections.

At the time of inspection, the inspector indicates to the florist that it is an advisory and that there may be questions from the review process, a florist may only call themselves a certified florist after a decision from the certification manager.

Step 5 - Certification and Communication

Do you meet all the requirements according to SGS? Congratulations! You may officially call yourself a sustainable florist.

After achieving this achievement, you can communicate this to customers and other stakeholders in several ways. On this page, we explain more about this.

Step 6 - Stay alert

The certificate must always be fulfilled and this requires active planning and monitoring to meet the requirements at all times. If at any time the requirements cannot be met, report this as soon as possible to the certification body.

After obtaining the certificate, an annual audit will take place to confirm that you still meet the requirements.  For example, you can advance from bronze to silver or from silver to gold.

If shortcomings are found, there are possibilities to submit this later for reassessment.


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