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Certification scheme


Have you achieved the bronze, silver, or gold level of the Sustainable Florist? Congratulations! We would like to help you communicate this. On this page, you can find guidelines and downloads for logo use and communication.


  • The use of the logos is only permitted if the level of certification (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) is mentioned with the logos.
    If the Barometer logo is used, the unique registration number of the certificate holder must be stated.
  • The unique registration number must always include the name or abbreviation of the certification body (example: ABC1234567).
  • The level and the unique registration number can be set from Arial Regular, 75% black (in Word: color black, lighter 25%).
  • The logo should preferably not be displayed narrower than 50mm. At this width, the typeface is Arial Regular 7pt.

Logo tool

Please fill out the form below to receive the logo of the Sustainable Florist with the individual registration number (e.g. SGS 1234567). After our approval, we will send high and low-resolution files with the different variants of the logo (JPG and PNG). An EPS file of the logo can be requested by sending an email to SMK: