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About the quality label

Certification scheme

Reliable quality label

The reliability of a quality label stands or falls with its assurance. This has been taken care of by the Sustainable Florist. See below why the quality label is reliable.

Strict requirements

The criteria of the Sustainable Florist are established through set procedures with the help of the SMK Board of Experts Plant Products. The (new) requirements are discussed at public hearings and those present can respond to them. These reactions are taken into account in determining the definitive criteria.


The independent certification body checks whether florists meet the criteria. This method ensures a broad social and reliable support base. The inspection and certification of the florist is carried out in accordance with the European standards for product certification (ISO/IEC 17065). Certification takes place under the supervision of the Dutch Accreditation Council.


Florists only receive a certificate if all requirements are met and they score enough points for bronze, silver, or gold. All these requirements are listed in the certification scheme of the Sustainable Florist. This scheme is public.


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Step-by-step plan

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