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About the quality label

Certification scheme


The number of sustainable florists is growing rapidly. Certificate holders of the Sustainable Florist are committed to making their business operations, products, and services more sustainable. The ambition of the quality label is clear. The Sustainable Florist aims to reduce the environmental impact of buying and selling flowers and bring this into balance with the carrying capacity of the earth. This way, everyone can enjoy beautiful, more sustainable flowers and plants.

To achieve this, florists meet various requirements on several themes. We are happy to tell you more about this:

International label

We are not only striving with Dutch florists for more sustainable management and assortment of flowers and plants. The quality label Barometer Duurzame Bloemist is also expanding internationally through the Sustainable Florist and Nachhaltiger Florist.


Only florists who meet all the requirements in the certification scheme can obtain the certificate. The requirements address 6 themes:

Sustainable assortment of flowers and plants

Sustainable florists must purchase a percentage of their products (flowers, plants and cut foliage) sustainably every year. This differs per level:

  • Gold level: at least 50%
  • Silver level: at least 30%
  • Bronze level: at least 15%

These more sustainable products are for example certified for organic, On the way to PlanetProof, MPS, or Max Havelaar/Fair Trade.

Waste (separation) and packaging

Florists separate their waste – such as plastic sleeves, green waste, cardboard, and paper. In addition, waste from single-use packaging is collected at a central point for processing/recycling. This can be done, for example, at the auction.

Renewable energy and saving

Using various requirements to reduce energy consumption, together we try to reduce the environmental impact. Sustainable florists do this by drawing up a Plan of Action each year on how they are going to reduce their energy consumption.

Moreover, certificate holders use entirely green electricity.

Eco-friendly cleaning

Cleaning products, such as chlorine, can be harmful to the environment. Sustainable florists should therefore not use cleaning products containing chlorine. Also, all cleaning products must be stored safely. In this way, employees are not continuously exposed to harmful substances and unauthorized persons do not have access to the products.

More sustainable transport and delivery

The company vehicles, such as a truck for purchasing and a delivery van, have clean engines: all transport vehicles have at least a Euro 5 motor.

Care for employees

A safe and pleasant working environment is important, also for florists. At the company, the CLA for floral retail should be present and referred to when someone is employed or gets a new contract. In addition, sustainable florists can score points with choice measures such as a household regulation, a recognized training company, or employing employees “with distance to the labor market” (WAO, WIA, Wajong).


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